Candle Holder 3 Pcs

Candle Holder 3 Pcs


Candle Holder 3 Pcs, Amber Glass Candlestick Holders for 3/4 Inch Taper Candles, Tealight Candles, Table Center Piece for Wedding, Dining, Living Room, Coffee Decor

TRANSPARENT STRIPED DESIGN: These vertical striped glass candlestick holders feature an elegant amber transparent stripe design that adds a touch of elegance and beauty to your dining table.

AESTHETIC APPEAL DECOR: This charming aesthetic candleholder adds instant warmth and romance to any room or special event as a table centerpiece or room decor. Ideal for parties, weddings, holidays, and other festivities! Perfect gift for Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, House Warming.

MULTI-PURPOSE FUNCTION DESIGN: This double-sided candle holder gives you twice the versatility in one product. Use both sides to illuminate your space with either conical, cylindrical, or even tea light candles (just be sure to match the tealight candle’s size to ensure a snug fit).

DIMENSION: From small to large, each one boasts a unique charm. The large size features a top diameter of 1″ and a bottom diameter of 2.2″, standing tall at 2″. The medium has a top diameter of 1″, a bottom diameter of 1.5″, and stands at 2.6″. And finally, the smallest option comes complete with a top diameter of 1″ and bottom diameter of 1.4″, and also measures 2.6″ in height.

STABILITY: Enjoy stability and peace of mind with these sturdy candleholders. They provide ample weight to prevent tipping. If there’s ever any trouble with balancing the candles, simply drop the wax into the hole and adjust the candle.

Please note that while every effort has been made to accurately portray our dual-sided candle holders in our photos, actual color variations between digital images and physical products are sometimes unavoidable due to factors such as lighting conditions and differing screens.


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