Hosley Glass Shell Vase

Hosley Glass Shell Vase


Hosley Glass Shell Vase 8 Inches Long Ideal Gift for Weddings Spa Aromatherapy Flower Arrangements Bowl for Orbs DIY Craft Projects LED Votive Candle Gardens O9

PRODUCT: Hosley’s Clear Glass Shell Vase – 8″ Long

USES: They’re just the right gift for a wedding and can be used for a party, reiki, or spa. Fill with fresh flowers, silk flowers, potpourri, candles, glass beads, decorative orbs, or use as a terrarium!

BENEFITS: They can accent your home or office to give the welcome for your decor.

MEASUREMENTS/MATERIAL: Each one measures 7.87″ x 5.31″ x 3.94″ and is made of glass.


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