Unscented White Wax Candle for Home Decoration

Unscented White Wax Candle for Home Decoration


72 Pack Votive Candles, Unscented White Wax Candle for Home Decoration, Wedding, Birthday and Parties, 10-hour Burn Time

BEAUTIFUL DECORATION: Each exquisite 1.2-inch votive candle is a perfect decoration for your home. The warm candle will light up every corner of your home and put you in a good mood.

UNSCENTED CANDLES: Classic unscented candles avoid annoying scents, so don’t worry about using these candles for any occasion.

THE PERFECT GIFT: They make ideal mementos to give to family, colleagues, and friends at birthday parties or weddings. They also make cute birthday, housewarming, and thank-you gifts.

LONG BURNING: Each candle provides about 10 hours of warm candlelight, which can be used as an emergency light in case of power failure, outdoor environmental light, etc.

SET OF 72 CANDLES: A box of 72 praying candles is packaged in a box, so there is no need to worry about damage.


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