Candlestick Holder For Taper Candles

Candlestick Holder For Taper Candles


Candlestick Holders Set Of 6 – Pink Gold Candlestick Holder For Taper Candles – Modern And Elegant Metal Candle Holders – Tall Candlesticks Ideal For Weddings Anniversary and Home Decor.

Enjoy Wonderful Moments: Create a warm and pleasant atmosphere and enjoy a different evening with your guests. Whether for a romantic dinner or to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, these candle holders will add a distinctive touch to your table. Get lots of compliments from your guests and create memories that will last forever.

Excellent Stability: Use them with the peace of mind of having a strong and stable product. These candlestick holders are made of premium metal so that they are not easy to fall or bend. Moreover, the base has a non-slip pad that provides extra stability without damaging the surface where it rests.

Elegant and Exquisite: At Cantaro Home we care about helping your decoration stand out. These modern and delicate long candlestick holders will enhance the environment by giving the soft and delicate touch that you are looking for.

Easy to Assemble: One of the particularities of this candlestick holder set is the simplicity with which it is assembled in a few minutes. Each unit has three main pieces that screw together easily. The set contains an instruction manual that shows how to assemble each piece in a simple manner. In case you only want to use them for a special event, each piece can also be easily disassembled and stored for the next occasion.

Quantity and Size: This set brings six units as follows: 2 units of 13.2 inches; 2 units of 11.4 inches: and 2 units of 9.4 inches.


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