Royal Imports Clear Glass Slant Cut Tilted Angled

Royal Imports Clear Glass Slant Cut Tilted Angled


Royal Imports Clear Glass Slant Cut Tilted Angled Bubble Ball Decorative Serving Bowl For Buffet Centerpiece, Plant Terrarium, Flower Vase, Snack Salad fruit Candy Dish

Premium Quality: Royal Imports Decorative slanted bowls are crafted of premium quality glass material that is ultra-clear and flawless. Each vase features evenly rounded glass walls and a weighted base to ensure quality and durability.

Best Seller: These unique clear glass containers are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From florists to event planners, everyone enjoys a unique, high-quality glass display centerpiece.

Uses: These slant-cut bubble bowls are very popular with fresh flower arrangements as well as succulent terrariums and fish tanks. It is also commonly used as candle holders, storage jars, candy dishes, and snack serving bowls.

Trends: Tabletop terrarium vases are becoming a very hot trend for home decor, office desks, weddings, and events centerpieces. Succulent plants are decorative and long-lasting which makes them the go-to decoration for every occasion.

Packaging: Royal Imports clear glass bowls are carefully wrapped in multiple layers of custom molded foam to avoid breakage in transit. So rest assured, when purchasing these exquisite vases, you will receive them intact. Get yours now!


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